How to whiten socks and remove stains with dish soap and 59p item – no bleach

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How to whiten socks and remove stains with dish soap and 59p item – no bleach

When it comes to laundry, socks are one of the items that get dirtiest the quickest – especially if you ever walk around without any shoes on and pick up small bits of dust and dirt from around your home.

Although a quick wash is usually enough to get your socks ready to wear again, the problem can be more complicated when it comes to white socks, as they can become stained and discoloured over time.

Thanks to one cleaning expert though, households no longer need to worry about using bleach or stain remover to get our white socks gleaming again.

It turns out that two kitchen staple items can do the job for us and they give “amazing results”.

Taking to her TikTok account @tanyahomeinspo, Tanya has shared what she uses to make her socks “white again”.

To start the video off Tanya shows her white socks that are stained a dark shade of brown, almost black.

She then sprinkles a tablespoon of baking soda over both socks before spraying them with diluting .

Tanya then uses a cleaning brush just to tap both the products into the sock so it can properly pre-treat the stains.

The final step is to put the sock with the rest of the laundry on a normal wash cycle.

Showing the camera the results, Tanya’s socks looked a bright shade of white and almost new. 

Baking soda is a very effective household ingredient for whitening items of clothing – even a laundry expert has agreed.

Sarah Dempsey, laundry expert at My Job Quote, previously told the Express that baking soda can “remove stubborn stains and help make white socks look super white in just one wash”.

Baking soda can be picked up in most supermarkets, but found that it .

Fellow TikTok users were impressed by the final results and shared their thoughts in the comments. 

@love2clean wrote: “Omg them socks came out like white white.” @instaclean19 said: “Amazing results!”

@longorrrriiia commented: “Thank you so much. My kids don’t wear running shoes in school just socks and I end up throwing the socks if they don’t go clean.”

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