American woman living in London shocked by ‘slightly scary’ habit Britons have | UK | News

American woman living in London shocked by ‘slightly scary’ habit Britons have | UK | News

An American woman who moved to London says she was shocked by a common post-work British habit, which she said is “slightly scary.”

Content creator Naz, who posts as @mynameisnaz on TikTok, moved to Britain two years ago and has shared the various culture shocks she has experienced with her over 22,000 followers.

The Seattle native, who works in the beauty industry, gave a two-minute breakdown about the differences between life in the UK and the US and was taken aback by British drinking habits.

“We all know British people love drinking, especially after work but it wasn’t until I was in central London on a weekday after 5pm where I saw all of the corporate clones in masses at pubs,” she said. “I personally find it slightly scary.”

Naz also said she was surprised by the British approach to paying at the end of a meal.

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“Number one they won’t fight over the bill,” she said in the clip. “No one is running to collect that bill, no one’s treating anyone, everyone’s paying for what they got and that’s that.”

The TikToker also suggested people living in the capital have plenty of money to spend – despite the spiralling cost of living crisis.

Everyone she’s come across in London “just has money,” she said. “Granted if you live in London you need to be making a certain amount of money period.

“But the way people seemingly just have a bottomless fund for restaurants, holidays, activities just doesn’t align with the cost of living crisis.”

But though Naz hadn’t yet encountered the hardships facing many Londoners, she said she did feel British workers were being taken advantage of by bosses.

“People love to work for free,” she claimed. “I’ve noticed what a lot of freelancers or creatives are doing which is just accepting unpaid opportunities for credit. It feels like a lot of employers take advantage of young, ambitious people.”

Drinking tap water is common in the UK, but Naz says she’s it’s rarer to see Stateside.

“They love tap water! Any time you go to eat, you’re going to have room temperature water that’s been sitting out all day,” she said.


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“That’s fine and dandy because it’s free but in America, it’s not so normal to only drink tap water. A lot of people buy bottled water.

“I think I’ve just gotten used to it and I’m afraid of what’s lurking in the pipes here in London.”

Her last observation was the urgency with which people make their way through the city.

“They want slow walkers to die! As a professional slow walker I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve been trampled, pushed, or shoved,” she said.

Despite some teething problems, Naz says she’s been taken by the city.

“Regardless of all of these things I love London living,” she said.

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