Storage tip keeps potatoes fresh for months – ‘changes your life’ in four steps

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Storage tip keeps potatoes fresh for months – ‘changes your life’ in four steps

Your potatoes are likely going bad so fast because you’re not letting them breathe. Potatoes need air. Because the vegetables release water, keeping them closed off leads them to become damp and inclined to getting mouldy. The bags that potatoes come in when you purchase them are either mesh or filled with air holes. This is to allow them to breathe.

Rheumatologist and health and wellness blogger Dr. Erin Carter has shared her way of ensuring that your potatoes stay fresh for several months with her tested and proven true method.

In a social media upload, she said: “Are your bananas sprouting or going bad before you even have a chance to use them? If so, you need to watch this video.

“I’m going to show you a storage hack for potatoes that is going to change your life.”

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How to keep your potatoes fresh for months

Step 1: Instead of storing your potatoes in a plastic bag, grab a paper bag. Transfer all your potatoes into your paper bag.

Step 2: The key for this to work is adding an apple to the bag. Dr. Carter said: “I know it sounds crazy, just trust me.”

Step 3: Put the apple in with the potatoes and then move the potatoes to a cool, dark place. Dr. Carter opts to keep hers in the basement.

Step 4: Be sure to keep your bag open, because if you close it, they will go rotten more quickly, says the expert.

In the caption of her video, Dr. Carter wrote: “This potato storage hack is so simple and works so well! This will keep your potatoes fresh for months. You can thank me later.”

Answering questions in the comments of the video, she explained that everything including the apples will all go rotten eventually, but this will make them last longer.

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