Woman’s ‘genius’ £1.49 hack ‘completely’ removes mould from around windows

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Woman’s ‘genius’ £1.49 hack ‘completely’ removes mould from around windows

Kiraa Louise, 23, a cleaning enthusiast, revealed that with some cotton wool pads and a £1.49 product from Asda, you could banish mould for good.

Mould can be particularly stubborn in kitchens and bathrooms where it thrives thanks to the room’s humidity and dampness.

Previously, some people have suggested using dehumidifiers, salt or cat litter to prevent mould, but what do you do if you’ve already got a mould problem?

According to Kiraa, the results of her mould-cleaning hack are « amazing ». Sharing her advice on the social media platform TikTok, Kiraa said this is her « favourite way of removing mould ».

She then explained: « I noticed that I’ve got so much mould growing around my window sill so I just wanted to show you my favourite way of getting rid of it. »

She started by using a squeegee to remove all the moisture from her window. Then, she showed her followers her favourite spray, the Astonish Mould & Mildew remover [spray], which she sprayed all over the mouldy patches.

« This is my absolute favourite, » she said. « What I then like to do is go in with cotton pads and just place them on top of the spray. This helps to keep in the moisture and makes the product work so much better. I’d say I probably left that for a good hour and then I’m wiping as I go, all the way down. »

Kiraa was really happy with how well it turned out, saying: « And look at that – the mould is completely gone. It was a bit tricky for me doing it higher up because I’m so short – but hey, we got there in the end. I think the results are absolutely amazing. »

If you want to try this handy cleaning hack at home but don’t have the popular spray, you can buy it from local supermarkets or online.

At Asda, homeowners can , or it can be bought for and Iceland.

The Astonish cleaner gets rid of tough marks and cleans up mould and mildew quickly and can be used on walls, window frames, glass, shower curtains, tiles, grout, sealant, concrete, sinks and plugholes.

The TikTok video by @cleanwith_kiraa, which was previously reported by The Sun, has amazed lots of social media users and has been watched a whopping 1.9 million times.

Kiraa’s fans were quick to thank her for sharing the clever hack. One person wrote: « This is actually quite clever. »

Someone else said: « Never knew the trick with the cotton pads!!! might have to give that a go. »

Another person posted: « The cotton pad idea is genius! Definitely going to try! Thank you for sharing. »

Other cleaning buffs jumped into the comments to share their tips for getting rid of mould.

One person suggested: « White vinegar helps massively too. »

Another recommended: « I know it sounds daft but try to have your windows open for 10 to 15 minutes a day (in winter) and buy box dehumidifiers from B&M! Game changers! »

And another cleaning expert said: « A dehumidifier gets rid of the condensation which prevents the mould for next time. »

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