Make potatoes last for months with ‘simple’ storage tricks to avoid sprouting

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Make potatoes last for months with ‘simple’ storage tricks to avoid sprouting

While potatoes generally have a good shelf life compared to other vegetables, unsuitable conditions mean they can spoil quickly.

Richard Price at online supermarket Britsuperstore said: “Keeping potatoes fresh for an extended period requires proper storage and a few simple tricks to prevent sprouting, spoilage, and flavour changes. Here’s how to keep your potatoes fresher for longer.”

To start with, the expert recommended selecting the right potatoes when you’re in the supermarket if buying singularly.

Pick fresh, firm potatoes without any visible signs of damage or sprouting. Different varieties of potatoes have varying storage lives, so consider the variety you are purchasing.

When home, the vegetable should be stored in a cool, dark and well-ventilated area. A temperature of between 7C and 10C is “ideal” to keep them lasting for longer.

Avoid storing potatoes near onions as onions release gases that can cause them to spoil faster.

The same goes for apples and bananas too as these also release gases which will cause them to go off.

Exposure to light can cause potatoes to develop green spots, which contain a natural toxin called solanine.

This can affect the taste and can be harmful when consumed in large amounts so make sure they are in a cupboard.

The expert explained: “If you have a lot of potatoes, consider using a potato bin or basket. These containers provide proper ventilation and darkness, reducing the chances of sprouting.

“Make sure to keep moisture levels down too as moisture can lead to rot and spoilage.

“Wipe off any dirt and moisture from the potatoes before storing them. Allow them to air dry before putting them into storage.”

When purchasing potatoes, they come in plastic bags, and although they have holes, can trap moisture and encourage sprouting.

Instead, opt for the potato bin or paper bags to store them as they help to prevent condensation build-up.

While potatoes are best stored in a cool, dark place, if your home is too warm or humid, the expert recommended storing them in your fridge’s vegetable drawer.

If you notice a few potatoes starting to sprout, consider using them up sooner rather than later.

Britons can cut off the sprouted portions before cooking as long as the rest of the potato is firm and healthy.

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