Woman’s 35p method ‘kills off’ patio weeds ‘straight away’

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Woman’s 35p method ‘kills off’ patio weeds ‘straight away’

With the weather warming up and the days getting longer, many of us want to spend more time in our gardens.

However, if your garden’s not up to scratch yet thanks to patio weeds and general muck, a 35p kitchen staple could help.

Even if you’re an amateur gardener, this natural item, which can be purchased from supermarkets and online, could save you both time and money.

As well as removing weeds, the affordable hack also removes algae and moss from patios.

A member of the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks group on Facebook said she used a big bottle of white vinegar to clear the weeds from her patio, according to The Sun.

The woman shared pictures of grass between the paving slabs before and after using the vinegar and the difference was impressive.

She wrote: « I am still working on it but what a difference it makes…It kills the weeds off and stops them growing back straight away. »

The cleaning enthusiast shared how she cleared weeds from her patio using a simple mix of white vinegar and salt.

She added: « You should certainly notice a difference by the next day. » If your weeds are particularly stubborn, she explained that you can wash off the slabs and pull out any dead weeds before treating the soil again.

Although it seems hard to believe, the clever trick works because white vinegar contains acetic acid which breaks down the cells in weeds, causing them to wither away and die.

The vinegar also cleans away any nasty germs that might have built up on your slabs during the winter.

The best part is that the simple trick is safe to use around children and pets, unlike chemicals like ammonia.

A fellow Facebook user added: « It is pet and child-friendly once dry. We have had no problems. My cat and neighbours’ cats have all been fine in the garden since. »

Yet, she warned other beginner gardeners to be careful when they use the homemade mix as it smells very strong and can kill other plants nearby.

« Do not spray it near any plant you like and want to keep as it could kill it, » she clarified in her Facebook post.

Golden Swan White Vinegar costs £5.29 from Amazon for 5L. Tesco Distilled Vinegar costs 35p and Asda Table Salt costs 65p.

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