How to remove grease from extractor fan in five minutes with no scrubbing – ‘magic’ spray

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How to remove grease from extractor fan in five minutes with no scrubbing – ‘magic’ spray

Cleaning an extractor fan isn’t high on the list of household chores for many, but it is vital.

Although often overlooked, extractor fans are crucial in keeping your kitchen well-ventilated and free from unwanted odours and moisture.

The hardest part about cleaning this appliance is when it comes to their filters.

Households can spend hours scrubbing away at the greasy filters, only for them to see no significant results.

Luckily, a cleaner took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page to share a “magic” item that “makes light work” of extractor fan filter grease. 

Samantha Andrews said: “The power of Elbow Grease. It was so satisfying cleaning my extractor fan filter.

“This is literally my favourite cleaning product ever. It’s magic! Makes light work of the gross greasy jobs.”

She shared a picture of the Elbow Grease spray and recorded herself using a sponge to wipe off the grease from the extractor fan filer – and it lifted instantly.

When asked in the comments section of how to use the spray, Samantha said: “I sprayed both sides, left it for five minutes, then wiped it off and gave it a bath in hot soapy water. It’s come up like new.”

Fellow cleaning fanatics also raved about this product. Lesley McHenry wrote: “Just done mine on Saturday with Elbow Grease, came out spotless and no scrubbing required.”

Kurt Shah commented: “Elbow Grease is the best! I cleaned my greasy extractor fan filter with this product, and I was surprised with the end result. 

“It looked all clean and new and there was no scrubbing involved at all too.”

Maria Hadaway said: “My favourite cleaning stuff ever! If you’ve seen my big fat Greek wedding they use that window spray on everything. This is my version of that.”

Linda Morman claimed: “I wouldn’t be without this product it’s brilliant.” Brenda Foster replied: “I did mine a while back let the elbow grease do the hard work.”

Elbow Grease can be picked up from or at .

Another Mrs Hinch fan opted for the more natural route and recommended using baking soda and white vinegar.

Mary Morris said: “I use boiling water, baking soda and vinegar it cleans it all the way through.”

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