Driver’s ‘genius’ shortcut to jump traffic queue sparks fury as others say it’s ‘reckless’

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Driver’s ‘genius’ shortcut to jump traffic queue sparks fury as others say it’s ‘reckless’

A driver has sparked fury online after sharing a video of his sneaky trick to skip queues on busy roads.

The video, which was shared on Reddit by ‘Speak Your Mind Podcast’, shows the view from the dashboard of a car driving along a busy highway.

The driver can be heard saying: « I’m going to teach you one more thing, y’all. You gotta act like you’re turning right, but when you get to the front you act like you’re turning this way, you get past everybody. »

He then drives up to the front of a queue of cars waiting at a red light and says: « Soon you see a little opening and you get right on. You feel me.

“Now you’re at the front. You’ve got to be prepared for that opening and get right in, man. »

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As he says this, he quickly moves behind a white car and is now third in line at the lights. This cheeky move has made hundreds of other drivers very angry.

One person said: « My wife hates that I block people out and absolutely refuse to allow last-minute cut-ins. I do this in several places and I will NOT give in.”

Another replied: « My wife always makes up scenarios to explain why they may be doing it. ‘Maybe they’ve never been here before!’ ‘Maybe they’re sick and need to get to the hospital!’ Maybe. But most of the time they’re just an a*****e, and I’m doing everything I can to make sure they don’t get in. »

Another person commented: « As I get older I realise how reckless and stupid, bad driving is. »

Meanwhile, one person explained that actions like this could be dangerous and potentially cause accidents on the road: « Years ago I was stuck in an accident-induced back-up on a long curve.

“As always multiple people decided to break the law and try to cause more accidents by driving down the shoulder, then forcing their way back in. Joyfully came around the curve to see a state trooper waving the miscreants off into a waiting area. »

However, a few others seemed to be more relaxed about the traffic shortcut, as one wrote: « I got no problem with this if done successfully. If you’re blocking traffic at a failed attempt then haha ima honk at u.” (sic)

Another online user added: « You can do this so long as you don’t cross the solid white line. If you merge seamlessly then you really haven’t impeded traffic. »

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