Virgin Media will give broadband users £75 in credit

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Virgin Media will give broadband users £75 in credit

Cutting money off broadband bills is a priority for many households in 2024 as monthly rates for internet speeds start to increase. The latest deal from Virgin Media is bound to help a lot of bill payers, as the provider will give a chunk of cash to put towards your next bill.

Those who pick a specific full fibre plan will get £75 in credit to cut off their next bill, yes you’ll get money to work from home or stream a marathon of your favourite TV series. The catch…. as long as you pick the right bundle. 

Virgin Media’s M250 Full Fibre plan is the one to go for, the only bundle that will currently get you the money off. With download speeds of 264Mbps, the plan costs £36 a month across an 18-month contract. Although the handout means you’ll bag two whole months of the plan for FREE. 

The M250 bundle is the second cheapest full fibre plan on its site, after its lowest £29 a month M125 Fibre broadband tariff. Costing £7 more per month the bigger M250 offers the same staples as the cheapest plan but steps up its game when it comes to speed.

It’s pretty simple, it can be found on the provider’s homepage and is currently highlighted as the leading broadband deal – having covered price drops from the brand previously we’d have to agree.

Although it’s unsure how long you have left to grab it, so we’d advise all eager shoppers to be speedy. Virgin Media is well known for offering freebies and bill credits to its plans but they don’t tend to stick around for long. 

If this deal doesn’t sound good for you then you may want to check out rival Sky, as its 

With smaller download speeds compared to Virgin Media’s M250 plan, the is worth taking a look at if you have a small household. It starts at £28.50 a month.

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