Top-notch air fryer hack makes ‘delicious’ eggs

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Top-notch air fryer hack makes ‘delicious’ eggs

Yummy eggs made in an air fryer are the best quick breakfast foods to have around. Eggs are yummy and you can cook them in lots of ways.

There’s a song that asks: « How do you like your eggs in the morning? » If you love soft-boiled eggs with runny middles, then you’re in luck because a food blogger has shared a super easy way to make them.

Laurie from Fork to Spoon blog says you can make « jammy eggs » in an air fryer instead of boiling them. This makes them just right if you want them a bit gooey inside.

She explained: « Jammy eggs are a simple, delicious breakfast dish you can make in an air fryer. It’s a great way to use excess eggs and add variety to your usual morning routine. »

Want to know how to cook them? Put up to seven eggs that are not cold into your air fryer basket, as reported by the Mirror.

Laurie recommended to cook the eggs at 132C for 11 minutes. Before they finish cooking, get a bowl with ice water ready.

When the eggs are done, put them straight into the ice bath for five minutes. This stops them from cooking too much and makes them easy to peel, giving you that lovely soft middle.

After you’ve peeled the eggs, Laurie suggested popping them back into the water. You can then serve them with whatever you like, but Laurie insisted that seasoning is a must.

Some of her top seasoning picks to put on eggs include hot sauce, red chilli flakes and lots of cracked black pepper.

Storing eggs

British Lion Eggs mentioned all the fancy egg-storing features out there, such as a spiral egg holder, but « nothing can beat the original carton » when it comes to storing eggs.

The experts explained: « Not only does the box protect the eggs, but it also shows the best-before date which you can refer back to anytime you’re unsure. »

As for where you should store the eggs and its container, British Lion Eggs confirmed: « Best practice is to store eggs in the fridge. »

One more thing to note, it’s advised to leave the eggs out of the fridge for around 30 minutes before cooking them to bring them up to room temperature.

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