McDonald’s ‘secret’ late night menu leaves British fans fuming

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McDonald’s ‘secret’ late night menu leaves British fans fuming

British McDonald’s fans have been left « fuming » after discovering there’s an exclusive menu that you can order from day and night in Australia.

Holidaymaker Ieuan Jones, from Wales, was left stunned when he was able to order « elite » food at McDonald’s in Australia. He now says the UK needs to « up its game », reports the Mirror.

The Brit went viral on social media after sharing that he ordered a legendary McDonald’s hash brown at 9pm.

Ieuan discovered that, in Australia, you can order breakfast menu items throughout the day, as well as ordering extra special treats such as the Big Brekkie Burger and a BBQ Bacon Angus Burger.

Australian McDonald’s branches allow hungry punters to buy a hash brown at night time or a Big Mac in the morning. Whereas in the UK you’d be turned away if you attempted to buy a McMuffin at night.

Ieuan shared his McDonald’s order on Valentine’s Day, and said the evening hash brown was even better than having a boyfriend. He said: « I’ve finally met my soulmate. »

He also couldn’t get over the expansive menu offered Down Under. As well as the hash brown, the TikToker also ordered a Big Mac, fries, a chicken snack wrap, and a Coke Zero.

He added: « I’ve got to be honest Australian chips are so much better. »

Ieuan also ordered the aioli sauce, which he described as a game changer. He described the Big Macs as « banging », but did say his chips were cold and he was given a vanilla Coke by accident.

The TikToker however described the chicken Snap Wrap as « pointless » due to its size. Hundreds of stunned McDonald’s fans rushed to the comments of the TikTok clip.

One individual said: « No way, can’t believe Maccies Aus do has browns all day, I love them. »

« We need hash browns at 9pm, » added another.

Another said: « When I lived in Aus I used to get like 10 hash browns after a night out and pots of Big Mac sauce. Unreal. »

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