Older driver restrictions ‘demonise pensioners’ as proposals firmly rejected in new poll

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Older driver restrictions ‘demonise pensioners’ as proposals firmly rejected in new poll

Motorists have blasted elderly driving restrictions as a bid to “demonise pensioners” and a move to get “oldies out of the way”.

Road users overwhelmingly refused to back previous proposals that would have seen older drivers banned from travelling at night or imposed distance limits.

According to a new Express poll, a staggering 95.54 percent of respondents said road users should not be issued new restrictions solely down to their age.

Just 3.32 percent of those polled said they wanted to see night bans or mileage limits on elderly road users with 1.15 percent unsure.

It comes after previous plans previously discussed by the DVLA would have seen restrictions placed on some older drivers.

Talks were supposedly held back in 2021 with Drive Mobility even suggesting it was “one of many future possibilities” to increase road safety.

The plans never came to fruition with elderly drivers not at risk of being imposed any restrictions when they reach 70 years of age.

However, Express readers were quick to bash the previous concept as they came to the defence of older road users.

Jack Hackett explained: “Wow whatever next curfews and trackers on mobility scooters. All part of the let’s demonise pensioners crusade.”

@Rufty added: “With the Government continually raising retirement age how are people going to get to work if they are not allowed to drive a car?

“An eye test would determine if a person was safe to drive at night.”

Another reader commented: “They want to get the oldies out of the way to make room for the late-night boy racers.”

Others suggested officials were looking at the wrong demographic as they pointed the finger at other less experienced drivers.

One individual even suggested those who had previously been involved in an accident should be made to cut back on their driving instead.

One road user said: “If they [are] gonna go down the route of picking fault with certain drivers, then I think anyone who has had an accident and was their fault.

“Whether someone else was involved or not should resit their test.”

@jimmyjock said: “I’d much prefer to ban the younger drivers a night, as they don’t have the experience as the elders have.”

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