‘I made pancakes using the 3-2-1 method – it’s the only way for perfect crepes’

‘I made pancakes using the 3-2-1 method – it’s the only way for perfect crepes’

Pancake Day falls on a Tuesday every single year which this year, is today, February 13.

Only a few basic ingredients are required to make pancakes from scratch – eggs, milk and flour, but they’re no good without a foolproof recipe.

While there are so many different versions out there to make everything from thick American pancakes to thin crepes, the latter is a staple for most households.

And those seeking the best recipe for them should look no further than the « 3-2-1 method » which I put to the test exclusively for Express.co.uk.

Not only does it warrant perfect results every time, but it’s also memorable so there’s no need to revisit the recipe once you’ve mastered it.

I came across the simple method a few years ago and have sworn by it since. The quantities of milk, eggs and flour make for a well-balanced batter that’s both thick and pourable.

The recipe earned its unique name because the ingredients are measured in the same pattern – 300ml milk, two eggs and 100g of plain flour.

That said, this only makes eight thin pancakes, so I often double it to cater for more people (600ml milk, four medium eggs and 200g plain flour).

Of course, the traditional method for perfect pancakes is to whisk or blend the ingredients until smooth, but I find that there’s a much better alternative to both.

I swap a jug and whisk for an empty protein shaker – but it has to be one with a metal ball inside for it to work.

Simply measure out all of the ingredients directly into the shaker, then shake over the shoulders in an up-and-down motion for around 20 seconds.

Not only does this eliminate any mess made from whisking the flour into liquid ingredients, but also takes much less time for the very same results.

Using the shaker completely eradicates any lumps, which is something I find takes longer to do when using a whisk, and blending often results in a thick, foamy batter.

When it comes to cooking the crepes, a reliable non-stick pan is a must-have. This year I swapped my standard round frying pan for a heart-shaped Bonne Maman design by Tefal, which is available to purchase for £19 from Argos.

Of course, the heart-shaped pancakes are a nice touch but the pan itself makes crepes so easy to cook to perfection.

Simply add a knob of butter or a glug of oil to the pan over medium heat, then add the pancake batter a spoonful at a time and tilt the pan until it fills the base.

Cook for around 30 seconds until golden brown, then flip and cook on the other side until both sides look the same.

Delicious crepes will pair well with a range of toppings but my personal favourite is freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar, or a square of dark chocolate melted across the pancake before being rolled up.

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