Older driver car insurance fees branded ‘gimmick to rob pensioners’ as new poll unveiled

Older driver car insurance fees branded ‘gimmick to rob pensioners’ as new poll unveiled

Drivers have demanded elderly motorists should not have to pay more to use the roads despite firms increasing car insurance costs.

Older drivers should not be charged more than younger motorists to secure car insurance policies, according to a new poll from Express.co.uk.

Readers overwhelmingly called for elderly motorists not to be targeted by price hikes as fees continue to rise.

A staggering 97.66 percent of readers said they believed older motorists should not pay more than younger road users.

The survey comes after Compare the Market found motorists above the age of 65 have been hit with the “largest proportional increases” in car insurance costs.

Costs among this age group has been recorded as being 57 percent higher over the past 12 months.

Average fees increased from £273 back in December 2022 to around £428 by the end of 2023.

Express readers were passionately against the increased fees with many highlighting their experience and lack of previous incidents.

Reader ‘Flexi one’ said: “I’m 70 years old and I haven’t caused an accident for 50 years so why am I going to be penalised for my age. »

Kevin Wardle added: “No they should not be punished due to their age but I would agree that [they] should have to prove that they are still medically fit to drive both physically and mentally once they reach retirement age.”

‘Woodnut’ explained: “Targeting the elderly without justification – totally inexcusable. »

“I am 70 and still drive every day in a very congested city, drive 1000cc motorcycles and still enjoy a go-kart race or two. No claims. Should I pay more?”

Another reader wrote: “Another gimmick to rob pensioners of the small amount of money they have.”

Just 1.95 percent of respondents to Express.co.uk’s new poll said elderly motorists should pay more.

Meanwhile 0.39 percent of those who answered said they didn’t know either way.

Older drivers have always paid slightly more than younger motorists due to historical claim data.

Around eight percent of motorists above the age of 80 and five percent between 71 and 75 have made a claim on their policy.

The Association of British Insurers had claimed drivers between 31 and 75 are less likely to claim on their policies.

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