How to remove tissues from washed clothes with mum’s quick ‘tired and tested’ tip

How to remove tissues from washed clothes with mum’s quick ‘tired and tested’ tip

Laundry can be a tiresome chore, but it can be made so much worse when you’ve found disintegrated tissue all over your clothes.

Rather than picking off little pieces of tissue from each item, one cleaning fan took to the Mrs Hinch Army Cleaning tips page to ask for a quick fix.

Posting a picture of her son’s school trousers covered in tiny pieces of tissue, Nicola Hughes wrote: “Please help, I’ve ruined all my son’s uniform. I was in a rush as I was going away this weekend and didn’t check pockets for tissue.

“I’d normally turn things inside out too before washing and the one time I didn’t this happens. Is there a quick fix for this in time for school tomorrow?”

For those who have a tumble dryer and don’t want to run another wash cycle for just one or two garments, Mrs Hinch fans agreed on one effective solution.

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The majority of group members recommended putting the uniform in the tumble dryer for just a few minutes.

Catriona McGregor said: “Do you have a tumbler? If so, pop them in there and it’ll take it off in minutes.

“I did it with my husband’s trousers and someone suggested to me from this group and it worked.”

Wendy Simpson commented: “I’ve done this lots of times with my daughter’s school uniform and my friend gave me a tried and tested hack.

“You just have to put it in the tumble dryer for 10 minutes and the clothes will be tissue-free.”

Nicola Mills wrote: “You haven’t ruined them at all, 10 minutes in the tumble dryer should do the trick fine. I’ve done this loads, don’t worry.”

Niamh McGovern said: “If you have a tumble dryer it will get all the tissue off it. I do this all the time.”

Sarah Dempsey, laundry expert at has previously told that this is the “best” method to remove tissue from washed clothes.

She said: “The best and easiest method of removing tissue from washed clothes is to place them in the dryer.

“Your dryer will have a lint filter which will work to catch all of the pieces of tissue until you’re left with beautiful, tissue-free clothes. Just don’t forget to clean the dryer filter after the drying load is complete.”

For those who don’t have a dryer, she suggested they rewash the clothes with aspirin. Sarah explained: “If you don’t have a dryer, don’t despair. There is still something you can do. Once you’ve removed your clothes from the washing machine, try to gently shake off as much of the tissue as possible.

“Then, add four aspirin tablets in the sink or bathtub and fill it with warm water. Wait for the aspirin to dissolve and then add your clothes into the aspirin/water mixture. Leave the clothes to soak for around two hours.

“The aspirin will help to dissolve the tissue. Then, remove the clothes and give them a quick rinse in the washing machine before hanging them out to dry. Once the clothes are dry, you’ll notice that all of the tissue spots have gone.”

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