Sadiq Khan faces ‘mass legal action’ by hundreds of drivers over speed limit change | UK | News

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Sadiq Khan faces ‘mass legal action’ by hundreds of drivers over speed limit change | UK | News

Drivers in south-east London and Kent are plotting legal action if their speeding fines aren’t quashed after unknowingly breaking a speed limit on a busy road.

It emerged that they had been racking up charges and points on their licences in a stretch of the A20 road in Sidcup, due to incorrect signposting.

The south-east London road was a 50mph zone – but Transport for London had actually reduced the speed limit to 40mph.

TfL, which is chaired by Sadiq Khan, was unable to prevent an « unauthorised » 50mph sign being put up by a « third party », meaning drivers thought they were permitted to drive faster than they actually were.

One driver, David Owen, told the BBC: « I’m aware of my three points which I’ve got, I know I’ve been on there two further occasions since, before I was aware of the speed change. So I’m waiting for the next fine and the next points to come through. It’s a waiting game and you just feel powerless to do anything. »

Enraged drivers have since banded together on social media and are being supported by a solicitor from Patterson Law.

Dominic Smith, a director at the firm claimed he is aware of around 600 people caught up in the ordeal. Some people, he said, had been caught between six and seven times.

« So we’re talking a few thousand speeding offences, » he added. TfL told the BBC that safety was its « number one priority », adding that a « temporary 40mph limit was introduced due to ongoing surface water flooding. »

The transport body has said the incorrect sign has since been replaced and it is investigating how the unauthorised sign was put up.

Motorist Serena Brooks told the BBC: « I am an aware driver. I think it’s just because I’ve been driving that stretch of road almost daily for the last goodness knows how long.

« And it just needs to make it really clear. I feel like it’s been a bit of a trap, really. Considering there are so many other drivers who have been caught out, I think something needs to change. »

According to the national broadcaster, if the drivers fines aren’t ripped up, the group will plot « mass legal action ».

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