My assisted dying petition proves Brits are compassionate – now Rishi Sunak must act | UK | News

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My assisted dying petition proves Brits are compassionate – now Rishi Sunak must act | UK | News

If anyone doubts the strength of feeling in our wonderful, compassionate country that the current law on assisted dying is cruel and must be changed, the extraordinary success of our petition is undeniable proof. Some 112,000 signatures in only four weeks. What stronger evidence could there be?

Now we’ve shown how strongly we feel, our next challenge is to bring that change about. 

It’s a bit like rocket science. We’ve launched our rocket brilliantly well. But we now have to make sure it lands safely. Which means I have another request to make to you.

Political experts tell me that even if the next election is not held until the autumn, that still won’t give Parliament the time they need to debate the law, and carefully and thoughtfully change it. 

So it is absolutely crucial that this is included in the manifestos of every party. 

The politicians need to know how deeply we care about this life and death issue. 

So please write to your own MP. Remind them that we’re asking for a debate and a free vote to reform the law.

So many countries around the world have already legalised assisted dying for the terminally ill patients who beg to be allowed to die painlessly and with dignity. 

We can learn from those countries, and adapt our law to suit our own. 

Still, we know some MP’s oppose any change. My own MP does. And I respect their right to their opinion, sometimes based on deeply held religious views. But I also believe that in a democracy the minority should not impose those views on the majority. 

And as every survey shows, the vast majority of the public urgently want the current law of assisted dying changed.

I know how eloquent you are, I have received so many moving, inspirational letters from you. So don’t hold back. Give chapter and verse, if you feel able to. 

Send the MPs any first-hand evidence you have. For those who are still undecided, that may, just may, convince them.

I ask this for the sake of those who have had to watch their loved ones suffering, begging to be released from a life which has become too painful to bear. 

For the sake of those who are themselves facing terminal illness and want to spare their families the appalling ordeal of being accused of their murder if they share their last moments together. 

And for the sake of all the thousands of brave, caring people who have signed our landmark petition.

Thank you so much – to paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill, we have given our politicians the tools, now they must finish the job.

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