Queen Elizabeth II felt Camilla was ‘maligned’ before marrying Charles | Royal | News

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Queen Elizabeth II felt Camilla was ‘maligned’ before marrying Charles | Royal | News

Queen Elizabeth II reportedly believed the-then Camilla Parker-Bowles was a « much-maligned woman » before her wedding to Charles.

However, the Mirror reports royal expert Ingrid Seward says the late Queen was eventually won over by the marriage.

In her book ‘My Mother And I’, the biographer claims the monarch put a healthy distance between herself and Camilla after Princess Diana’s death.

With the Royal Family facing criticism after Diana’s death, the Queen is said to have made a decision not to appear at events with Camilla. Although Seward says the Queen « never disliked her ».

Seward says the Queen is also said to have been an early supporter of the now King Charles getting married.

In her book, she explains why the Queen encouraged her son to tie the knot, writing: « Public opinion was still running high against Camilla when the Queen decided enough was enough.

« Privately, she’d felt for some time that the couple should get married. Her feeling was that it was the only way to end the issue and stop what she called the ‘cat and mouse’ game the couple were playing.

« By then, she was also convinced the marriage would prove the making of Charles – as a man, and eventually as King. »

The Queen is said to have been sympathetic towards Camilla following Charles’ split from Diana.

Seward claims the Princess’s allies had circulated the Charles had begun cheating with Camilla just two years into the relationship – an idea she described as « creative nonsense ».

The author says it was an idea designed to discredit Charles.

Queen Elizabeth II – who is said to have been concerned by the rumours without getting too involved – is not thought to have bought into this version of events. She is said to have later described Camilla as a « much-maligned woman ».

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