Judd Trump pots ‘most ridiculous shot ever’ in German Masters final | Other | Sport

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Judd Trump pots ‘most ridiculous shot ever’ in German Masters final | Other | Sport

Judd Trump made one of the most ridiculous shots in snooker history at the German Masters final, sending the crowd into raptures after an effort that will live long in the memory. Trump enjoyed a barnstorming first session as he raced into a 5-3 lead, highlighted by a mind-boggling pot in the third frame.

Having been set back thanks to Si Jiahui’s 71 break in the second to tie the scoreline, there were signs of nerves from the Englishman as he made a slight error in the break-off. However, Si was unable to capitalise and Trump returned to the table as he set up a big break.

He cruised to a 79-6 lead and was on the verge of victory, but with three reds left on the table, Trump wanted to make sure of the frame. He left those reds purposefully because only an outrageous piece of queuing or a big slice of luck would see them fall into the pocket.

This time it was the former that Trump utilised. The red in question was sat on the side cushion and it appeared that the 34-year-old was going to attempt a double and send it back to the opposite middle pocket.

He instead surprised everyone by clipping it ever so delicately at the bottom of the table, sending it to the top corner pocket with perfect execution. It will go down as one of the most difficult pots ever made, with many fans on social media labelling it “ridiculous” as they attempted to process the effort.

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter) @Jack432J wrote: “Classic Judd potting something ridiculous.” Their sentiments were then echoed by @DialMForMatt: “That is ridiculous.” While @TSnooker102 added: “This is possibly the single most difficult pot I’ve ever seen on a snooker table.”

Trump even fooled the cameraperson for a moment, who changed angle as they were expecting a double attempt only to notice in time and switch to film the top corner pocket that Trump somehow found.

The shot received a standing ovation from the German Masters crowd, but it was not enough to dampen Si’s spirits as he hit back in the very next frame to tie the match at the first interval.

Trump continued his sensational display of cue power in the afternoon, knocking in breaks of 45 and 51 to take the lead for the third time. He then won the next two frames before Si edged back at 5-3 to set up an enthralling evening session, but undoubtedly the moment of the match belongs to Trump for sinking such an improbable red.

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