The pretty UK town rated one of the best places to live but locals have one big issue | UK | News

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The pretty UK town rated one of the best places to live but locals have one big issue | UK | News

The gorgeous town of Great Dunmow in Essex boasts architecture to die for and a seductive rural charm. Its quaintness and class acts as a riposte to visitors whom, prior to stopping by, thought of Essex as little more than a spray-tanned cultural blackhole.

It really is a pretty little place, complete with chocolate box cottages and endearing shops selling lovely bespoke things. And its wholesome appeal hasn’t gone unnoticed, with lifestyle bible Muddy Stilettos naming it one of the best places to live in the country.

EssexLive recently dropped in to speak to local business owners there, to get their take on Great Dunmow’s lure.

Nicky Anthony, owner of the clothes shop Wardrobe told the publication: « It’s a nice friendly town and feels very safe. I’ve been here and had this business for around 20 years and seen the town grow over the years. It isn’t as friendly as it used to be, but still a lot of people in the high street know each other and walking around you always bump into people you know. »

Ellie Ward, who works in the sweet shop Mr M’s Sweets, shared Mr Anthony’s sentiment: « I moved here about two years ago and my favourite thing is all the small businesses, as well as how nice and quiet it is here. All the people who run and work in the businesses know each other and are all lovely. »

However, there’s one major drawback to living in Great Dunmow, albeit one that’s far from exclusive to the Essex town: transport, or lack thereof.

If the testimonies of Mr Anthony, Miss Ward and the expert reviewers at Muddy Stilettos have persuaded you to make the trip to Great Dunmow, don’t waste your time trying to book a train – there aren’t any.

In terms of buses, Great Dunmow does have facilities for some of those, but don’t expect them to arrive on time.

EssexLive reporter Declan O’Reilly revealed that during his attempt to travel the measley 13.7 miles to the town from Chelmsford, he was left waiting for a bus that eventually arrived twenty minutes after its scheduled departure time.

The insufficient amount of good public transport services is not lost on local residents.

Lisa Gorgin, who lives in Great Dunmow, said: « More and more people are moving here, they’re building all these houses, but there’s not enough public transport. The buses are not reliable at all, last week I was supposed to be getting the bus at quarter past five and it didn’t arrive until five to six. »

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