Bizarre eBay listing of empty Walkers crisp packet demands buyers pay £650 | UK | News

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Bizarre eBay listing of empty Walkers crisp packet demands buyers pay £650 | UK | News

Crisp fans are being given the chance to bid for an empty packer of Walkers salt and vinegar for the bags of money price of £680.

Spuds connoisseurs would likely have to be huge fans of the Walkers brand, or empty crisp packets, to part with nearly £700 for the very common object often found in the bin.

But one seller on the auction site eBay believes their could be an appetite for the expensive foil bag which once held mass produced slices of the fried root vegetable.

The Walkers factory in Leicester produces more than 11million bags of crisps every day, making the packets that contain them not exactly a rare item.

The selling description doesn’t go into great detail apart from listing the title as « walkers crisps packet salt and vinegar used »

Perhaps the most famous celebrity connected to Walkers crisps is fellow Leicester lad Gary Lineker, who has had a long-standing advertising relationship with the brand.

But the hefty price tag on this green former bag of snacks for sale is not even connected to Mr Lineker, or any celebrity it seems, but still it remains on sale for the same price as a small Gucci shoulder bag. have contacted the seller for comment about the crisp packet.

In 2015 limited edition Walkers crisps released in honour of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy went on sale for a staggering £1 million on eBay.

According to ITV, 32,000 packets were distributed at Leicester City’s King Power Stadium for a game between the club and Chelsea. But despite the huge numbers given away some still tried their luck selling them afterwards.

Earlier this month a man attempted to sell the « world’s longest Hula Hoop » crisp eBay, reported the BirminghamLive. Adam Potter told the newspaper he put the 4.7-inch snack on eBay after seeing another one sell for over £700.

He said: »I did it as a bit of a laugh to be honest – who is going to buy a Hula Hoop? But then I saw one sold for £712 and I thought I would be daft not to put it on there. »

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