Six female personalities: Are you alpha, beta, gamma, omega, delta or sigma?

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Six female personalities: Are you alpha, beta, gamma, omega, delta or sigma?

A myriad of personality tools – such as Myers Briggs 16 Personalities, DISC and Caliper Profile – have become part of day-to-day venacular, but have you done the female personality test?

For all the females out there, would you identify with an alpha, beta, gamma, omega, delta or sigma the most? Or are there people you know that you can put into a category straight away?


A confident leader, Alpha women are self-assured and stand firm in their opinions while holding space to hear divergent views. Alpha women will not agree to the common consensus just to keep the peace; she will air her thoughts without the fear of judgement.

Thriving in her career, an Alpha is hardworking, charismatic and a visionary full of ideas. She will not, however, bring down others for entertainment, believing in female empowerment instead.

While popular and well-liked in social settings, an Alpha can stand on her own two feet and enjoys being in her own company.


Compared to the Alpha, a Beta is more subdued and easygoing, but a Beta is not a pushover and will remove herself from your life if you cross her.

While a Beta might not agree with everything she hears, she may not voice her opinion to save herself from getting involved in drama or a heated exchange of words.

For the Beta, living a peaceful life is more important than rocking the boat just for the sake of it. Extremely kind and loving, close friends and family benefit from a Beta relationship.


Independent, organised and driven, a Gamma doesn’t need approval from anybody except herself. Very self-aware and caring, a Gamma would never risk involving herself in a romantic entanglement nor lead someone just to make herself feel better.

Akin to her social life, her home is clean and neat – and there are no messes that she is hiding from plain view. Very forward-thinking, a Gamma will always have a list of goals to achieve, always wanting to become the best version of herself.


Clued-up with her finances and paying particular attention to her appearance, a Delta is detail-oriented. While reserved, a Delta has excellent communication skills so can easily connect to others while taking her time to notice if those she interacts with are trustworthy.

A true homebody, a Delta loves nothing more than being at home with her loved ones rather than going to a party or fancy event.


Considered emotional, when a Sigma is in a bad mood, then anybody around her will know about it. Easy to attach to other people, whether they are good or not good for her, a Sigma may find that she puts her trust in the wrong people and easily gets hurt.

A Sigma will drop everything for the people she loves and will stand by them no matter what. When in good company, a Sigma thrives and can make one of the best friends a person could ask for due to her supportive nature.


Always having her nose in a book, the introverted Omega likes to keep herself to herself. While it can take time for an Omega to open up to someone, once they trust someone, they can create a fulfilling, deep emotional bond with the other person.

Not a fan of crowds, an Omega much prefers one-to-one conversations where emotional depth really matters. Omegas are not the ones for superficial chit-chat, which may have some people viewing an Omega as frosty.

Yet, those closest to the Omega know they are considerate and thoughtful friends who know how to keep a secret.

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