Man leaves people ‘crying with laughter’ at perfect revenge on noisy neighbour | UK | News

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Man leaves people ‘crying with laughter’ at perfect revenge on noisy neighbour | UK | News

A man has left people in stitches at his genius revenge on his noise neighbours. In a video captioned « getting my lick back. If I can’t sleep y’all can’t », he can be seen to grab a table with wheels.

He then lifts the four-legged frame over his head and started banging the ceiling with it.

Admittedly with little regard for whether or not he scratched the paintwork, the man proceeded to drag the frame along the ceiling, making a terrible scratching sound.

TikTok users were left in stitches over the man’s novel tactic. One user said that his ploy had her « wheezing », while another said it had her « hollering ».

A third said: « I wanna do this so bad. »

Recognising the pain that can be inflicted by the upstairs neighbour on those below, another TikTok user said: « I am the upstairs neighbour, so I try to be as quiet as I can because I once was the downstairs neighbour. »

Elsewhere, more neighbour drama unfolded on Reddit with a young couple renovating their new home and garden worried a « grumpy neighbour » may cause trouble after she rowed back on agreeing to them building a new privacy fence.

They said they had just moved into their first house two weeks ago and that most of the people in adjacent properties were older and retired.

The new homeowner explained they had plans to build a sauna in the garden and wanted a higher fence as they have a pet. They added that the previous owner had been « a hell of a gardener » and those living nearby had said they enjoyed looking at the well-kept backyard.

However, after getting started on their new fence and having some friends over at the weekend during the day to help, the person said conflict reared its ugly head, writing: « Now that it (the fence) is in, one of the neighbors freaked out via text – ‘actually, no one with property touching yours or in view of your yard is happy about this fence’.

« She said she’s more upset about us ‘building a hot tub’ and that loud music, loud voices, and partying will make spending time in her yard not enjoyable. »

Taking issue with their neighbours assessment and grasp of the facts, the Reddit poster added: « Dear reader, there is no hot tub being built, and we have not thrown any parties, we have have lived here for two weeks.

« I can think of some days when we have had a couple friends over to help with yardwork/painting/other DIY stuff, but each time it was on a weekend, during the day, and we weren’t playing any music, yelling, or anything like that. »

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