Popular de-ice hack that clears windscreens in seconds could ‘crack windscreens’

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Popular de-ice hack that clears windscreens in seconds could ‘crack windscreens’

A de-ice hack which has received millions of views on TikTok could actually crack car windscreens leaving drivers with hundreds of pounds of damage this winter.

The simple tip encourages road users to fill a sandwich bag with water and use this as a mop to quickly melt frost and ice over the glass.

However, Tim Rodie, an expert at Motorpoint has warned this could backfire even if the water is not that hot.

This is because dramatic temperature change can cause the glass to expand rapidly which can cause chaos.

Mr Rodie explained: “One piece of advice I’m seeing everywhere involves filling a bag with water and running it across your car to help remove any ice that has built up overnight.

“While it might seem like a good idea, I wouldn’t suggest trying it. Not only do you risk getting burnt if the bag breaks, but the rapid temperature change can cause your windscreen to crack – even if just using warm water from the tap.

“It’s also important to remember that if your car hasn’t warmed up, the water on your windscreen can refreeze – obstructing your view. Not to mention, causing your windscreen wipers to stick.”

Motorpoint is not the only one concerned with the interest in the social media tip.

Experts at Windscreen Wipers have also highlighted issues which could come back to bite road users in the New Year.

They commented: “[The] hack instructs drivers to rub hot water in a sandwich bag on the windscreen to quickly remove frost.

“Hot water, even in a bag, can cause damage and small cracks in the glass which may not be noticeable until it’s too late.”

According to CheckaTrade, motorists are likely to pay anywhere from £30 to £70 to get a single windscreen chip repaired. Replacing the screen altogether will cost a lot more with prices usually ranging from £188 to £341.

Premium vehicles may be a lot more with high-tech Range Rover windscreens likely to cost an eye-watering £1,650.

However, Graham Conway, managing director for Select Car Leasing, has previously suggested the bag trick could be safe if the water is never too hot.

But, the expert highlighted using the tip could see drivers run into problems in their rush to leave the house in the mornings.

Mr Conway said: “Putting warm water – as opposed to boiling hot water – into a sandwich bag before sealing it and dragging the bag slowly across the face of the window is a relatively safe hack. But if you make the mistake of using red-hot water, you’re asking for trouble.

“Just like pouring boiling water directly onto a windscreen, the rapid change in extreme temperatures could cause the glass to crack.”

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