Woman claims she hasn’t ‘ironed in three years’ thanks to amazing £2 spray

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Woman claims she hasn’t ‘ironed in three years’ thanks to amazing £2 spray

Creased bedding can make even the cleanest and tidiest of bedrooms look messy and unkempt.

However, ironing bedding can take hours, especially if you’ve got multiple beds in your home.

With this in mind, fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch have shared their hack for removing creases from bedding without using an iron.

Facebook user Katrina Glasgow asked Mrs Hinch fans: « Any tips on how to put duvet covers on without ironing them and how to get them crease-free? »

The post was inundated with tips from Mrs Hinch fans but the most suggested response was to use crease release spray.

Facebook user Lauren Louise Cox replied: « Lenor crease release and a hand held steamer. »

Taylor Jones commented: « Lenor crease release. I haven’t ironed in about three years. »

Jessica Rosher suggested: « Lenor crease release. I clean holiday lets. If they are really creased I will put them on beds first and then iron them or use a handheld steamer. »

Karen Smith wrote: « Crease release spray. Don’t bother ironing duvet covers life is too short. »

Vivienne Noone posted: « I think it’s amazing. I just spray then use the flat of my hand to pull creases out. »

Crease release sprays can be bought online or from local supermarkets.

Lenor Crease Releaser Spring Awakening costs £2.49 from Wilko. Enrituals Antibacterial Crease Releaser costs £1.99 from The Range and Lakeland Crease Release Spray costs £4.99.

Other suggestions for removing creases from bedding without using an iron included using a steamer, a line dryer, the radiator and a tumble dryer.

Catherine Helen replied: « Put your bedding on the bed as normal and then go over it with a steamer. Job done in three minutes. »

Mandy Wall commented: « Ah I just line dry then [put in the] dryer for a few minutes then fling it back on the bed. »

Paula Thompson said: « I’ve never ironed bed linen. I just hang it on the line to dry then blast it in the tumble dryer for five minutes and put it on the duvet. »

Terri George suggested: « I put mine on a radiator for 10 minutes. »

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