The beautiful spa town always named one of UK’s best places to live | UK | News

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The beautiful spa town always named one of UK’s best places to live | UK | News

It’s one thing for an area to be named the best place to live once.

It bolsters a feeling of pride for the locals who live there, can attract new residents who are looking to relocate and perhaps even help push up property prices. 

But it’s quite another when somewhere is at the top of the list not once or twice but consistently.

Buxton in Derbyshire is such a place garnering acclaim as a great place to live from The Times, The Guardian and a number of other publications, websites and blogs.

Lifestyle journalist Hero Brown of Muddy Stilettos explained more about the town that writer has dubbed the “Bath of the north”.

She said: “Known as the ‘Bath of the north’, it’s the highest spa town in the UK with water that naturally flows at a glorious 28C. 

“Although the Romans first discovered this, it was really the Georgians that made Buxton famous – bringing with them some of the most iconic architecture in Derbyshire. 

“From the Crescent to the Opera House to the Devonshire Dome, it really is picture perfect.” 

As well as being the highest spa town in the UK, it is also England’s highest market town, at some 1,000 feet (300m) above sea level.

The gorgeous town lies close to Cheshire to the west and Staffordshire to the south and is situated on the edge of the Peak District National Park. Despite this, house prices are actually cheaper than the national average.

Properties in Buxton had an overall average property price of £261,918 last year – with the UK average coming in at £290,000 in July last year.

As well as being a great place to live, it is also a fantastic place to visit too with an abundance of quirky bars and restaurants, including the current TripAdvisor top rated place to dine – curry house Bayleaf Lounge Restaurant.

There are also acclaimed yearly events such as the Buxton Festival – an opera and arts event founded in 1979 – which takes place every July at the Opera House and other local venues. 

Running alongside this is the Buxton Festival Fringe – which is known as a warm-up for the legendary Edinburgh Fringe. It features drama, music, dance, comedy, poetry, art exhibitions and more.

But according to TripAdvisor there is only one winner when it comes to must visit attractions, with Poole’s Cavern & Buxton Country Park claiming the top spot of things to do in the town.

This is described as the most spectacular natural cavern in the Peak District with unique crystal formations including the longest stalactite formation in the region.

Those who have made the trip have really enjoyed their time at the attraction.

One TripAdvisor user said: “What a spectacular set of caves.”

Another added: “Wow. Absolutely breathtaking.”

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