Prezzo announce new train station takeaway plans

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Prezzo announce new train station takeaway plans

Italian restaurant chain Prezzo is gearing up to open its own range of takeaway pasta and pizza shops in train stations.

The pivot to on-the-go food comes as traditional sit-down restaurant chains are coming under pressure thanks to a number of reasons, including inflation and the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Prezzo has been particularly heavily impacted by the current economic climate, and narrowly avoided administration last year when it shut 46 of its restaurants.

Prior to the branch closures in April 2023, the Italian restaurant chain had 300 locations across Britain – a number which now stands at 96.

However, Dean Challenger, chief executive at Prezzo, believes that number could expand to around 120 thanks to the new Prezzo “Pronto” takeaway chains.

“Train stations have options like Upper Crust, KFC, Burger King, but there’s nothing available at a slight level above these. I think there’s a gap there,” said Challenger.

The Prezzo Pronto menu will offer customers takeaway pasta and takeaway pizza slices, items that are popular in the US.

“We’ve got a model that works because pasta and pizza are relatively quick.”

The idea behind the new on-the-go stores is to target customers who are already out shopping or partaking in other activities.

“Any new sites that we look at will be in high footfall areas where people are looking for a brand they know,” Challenger explained.

“Shopping centres normally prefer to use chains because of the brand recognition – there’s less risk – and there will always be a space for casual dining brands wherever there are tourists.”

Alongside the brand-new Prezzo Pronto takeaway restaurants, the Italian food chain is in the process of curating a brunch menu.

Offering an Italian take on traditional breakfasts, the brunch menu aims to keep restaurants busy during quieter periods.

There is no exact launch date as of yet for the Brunch menu or the Prezzo Pronto restaurants.

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