Pregnant couple in stitches as bakery accidentally ruins gender reveal | Weird | News

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Pregnant couple in stitches as bakery accidentally ruins gender reveal | Weird | News

Gender reveal celebrations are increasingly popular with younger couples, and expecting parents are constantly on the hunt for unique ways to mark the occasion.

While some couples prefer to do their gender reveal alongside family and friends, others opt for a more intimate approach, and unveil the news in private.

One charming – and tasty – option for your reveal involves ordering a custom cake which you slice open to reveal either pink or blue icing, and thus the gender of your baby!

Usually, this method all goes to plan. One couple, however, were not so lucky.

Sharing a video to TikTok, the parents-in-waiting were shocked to find that their bakery of choice had given them the incorrect cake, accidentally ruining their gender reveal altogether.

This unfortunate situation has gone viral on TikTok since the expecting mother, Lyss (@alyssa_quintos) posted a video of the failed cake-cutting fiasco on the platform.

In total, it’s yielded 41.9m views, and over 9,000 comments.

The video is humorously captioned “when the bakery has one job,” and shows the couple slicing into the cake. Given that they are expecting a swathe of either blue or pink icing to be revealed, they are understandably shocked when the cake’s interior is simply a normal sponge cake.

As the fabulously plain interior was discovered in all its yellow and white glory, the pair’s jaws dropped in surprise.

Thankfully, Lyss and her partner were able to joke about the situation and did not seem upset.

Instantly, they began to laugh, and her partner even commented: “I think they gave us the wrong cake! It’s yellow!” He went on, in a sardonic tone: “Well… to be continued!”

Since being posted, over 9,000 users have commented on the video, many of whom joked about the couple’s predicament. One comment read: “Y’all having a white baby congrats!!!”

Another simply said: “The way this would send me into a rage.”

Some shared their own hilarious bakery gender reveal mishaps. One commenter wrote: “My cousin just told me that when he was picking up his gender reveal cake for his baby, the baker said ‘congratulations, it’s a girl.’”

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