What the 60k green boxes on UK streets are and how they could be used to charge EVs | UK | News

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What the 60k green boxes on UK streets are and how they could be used to charge EVs | UK | News

Around 60,000 mysterious green boxes which line the streets of Britain are to be converted in order to contribute to the UK’s plans to increase charging facilities for electric cars – a key part of the motoring energy transition which the Government believes will reduce fossil fuel pollution.

The green cabinets actually belong to BT Broadband, and provide connection points for the copper wires still used by many homes and businesses to get their broadband and phone services. However, they are rapidly becoming redundant as BT is rolling out its fibre optic cabling, meaning they can be freed up for something else.

Now, they will help street parkers charge their electric vehicles (EVs), giving the boxes a new lease of life. This is a much-needed development for the UK’s electric energy plan as the UK has one of the worst records in Europe for the number of EV charging points per 100 EVs on the road, at just 12.2, The Telegraph reports. Additional kerbside boxes will also be built.

Tom Guy, chief executive of Etc, BT’s digital startup unit, said the development was a “huge step” in “exploring how we can address key barriers customers are currently facing”, adding: “We are in a critical stage of our journey in tackling a very real customer problem”.

Reports indicate people are being put off electric vehicles because of the lack of charging infrastructure – with BT’s own research suggested 60 percent of people thought it was inadequate. Meanwhile these new 60,000 converted BT cabinets will bump the number of EV chargers up to about 110,000 – but a whopping 300,000 are said to be needed for the UK.

They are thought to be an easy win as they already have a power connection, and are crucial for the majority of Brits who don’t have off-road parking and instead rely on leaving their cars in the street.

Electric cars are important in the battle against man-made climate change, which is caused by the burning of fossil fuels (such as petrol in cars) and the destruction of nature. The crisis will increase the frequency and intensity of extreme weather – such as floods, heatwaves and storms – meaning we must put an end to the causes of it.

Extreme weather will make it much harder to grow vital crops and make fresh water much more scarce globally. The UK is already facing an olive oil shortage after a poor growing season in Spain, while global sugar prices have recently surged – both due to unprecedented droughts.

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