How to clean windows without streaks using natural 40p kitchen ingredient

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How to clean windows without streaks using natural 40p kitchen ingredient

Looking through streaky windows this new year can be depressing and make for an unsightly view. 

No matter the techniques and glass cleaning products, there always seem to be small smudges and lines down your windows.

Rather than using white vinegar – a kitchen staple typically used on windows – cleaning experts at Keen Clean recommend using another natural item.

Typically discarded as kitchen waste, the experts recommend using tea bags to get windows sparkling again.

The cleaning pros claimed that black tea “makes the best glass-cleaning solution there is around”.

There are just three steps to make this window cleaning solution. Start by taking out tea bags after they have been used, before adding milk, and storing them in a container.

When you have about 10 to 15, leave them to soak in hot water – as much as you need – and the mixture needs to be a dark brown. Then pour it into a spray bottle.

Now you have the “perfect solution for streaky windows”. The experts said: “It’s the only thing that will leave your windows sparkling and streak-free as if a professional had done the cleaning.”

To use the solution, start by spraying it liberally all over windows and use a squeegee to wipe away excess tea.

Use a few sheets from an old newspaper – as much as you need. Don’t scrunch them up as they need to be flat.

Wipe downwards, or across, but never both and apply pressure. Repeat until all dirt is lifted and you are left with “perfectly streak-free windows”.

Applying pressure on the windows while wiping them with newspaper assures that no moisture is left on the windows, reducing the risk of streaks greatly.

What makes black tea so good for cleaning windows is the tannic acid it contains. This acts as a cleaning agent to dissolve dirt and grease.

This kitchen staple is incredibly cheap as a pack of 40 tea bags can be picked up from Asda for just 40p.

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