Huge rusty pole becomes tourist destination and TripAdvisor reviews are hilarious | UK | News

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Huge rusty pole becomes tourist destination and TripAdvisor reviews are hilarious | UK | News

The pole, in Cinderford, Glos., starkly stands against green fields on Littledean road.

Reviewers have described the structure as « breathtaking », « ornate », « mysterious » – as well as « soul enriching », « mesmeric » and « transcendental ».

When searching for attractions in Cinderford, viewers of the rusty pole are promised not to be disappointed – as it is currently rated the fourth best (out of 11) points of interest in the quaint town on the edge of the Forest of Dean.

Although according to Tripadvisor, the pole was only beaten by Mallards Pike, a « beautiful lakeside » which stands at number one, and Littledean Jail, an 18th Century prison housing.

But the rankings state taking a trip to the pole is better than attending the Palace Cinema – which has been around since 1910 – as well as Elton Carp Lakes and a paint and pottery studio.

In total the rusty pole has all excellent reviews bar one.

One reviewer, who alleges to be a « paid member of the UK pole society for many years » has called the site a « historic forest landmark ».

They added: « I’ve admired countless poles constructed of various materials during my four decades adorning this marvelous planet but this quite possibly is the finest.

« The intricate detail of the casting at the base of the pole is particularly triumphant, the shaft slender yet strong and the top so neatly terminated it could only have been done by the finest craftsmen to walk this land.

« I find myself now asking why And how has it taken me so long to have the cinderford rusty pole in my life. »

Another said a visit to the pole will transform your life, stating: « Prepare for an experience that will change your outlook on life. »

The pole has even been used as a visit for a bonding work trip, admits one reviewer.

According to James, the group had a « lunch and learn the team will be talking about in years to come ».

Chard, who wrote a five-star review deeming the pole « awe-inspiring », said: « This ranks up among the pyramids and the lost Incan city of machu pichu as one of the true wonders of the world.

« Get there early to avoid the tour buses and pushy souvenir sellers. »

However, one person was less than impressed and in the only negative review posted on Tripadvisor, stated the pole is « not a genuine attraction ».

They wrote: “Don’t be fooled by this; it’s not a genuine attraction. Just a sewer vent pipe – not even that unusual.”

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