Stunning footage shows London’s skyline lit up by fireworks – but not everyone’s amused | UK | News

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Stunning footage shows London’s skyline lit up by fireworks – but not everyone’s amused | UK | News

Incredible drone footage taken above London shows the capital’s skyline completely lit up with fireworks – but some people are calling for a ban on the annual display.

Thousands took to social media to praise Sadiq Khan for the annual New Year’s Eve firework display that saw the capital lit up as millions tuned in to watch the countdown to 2024.

But some are calling for the show to be cancelled amid the « danger » it presents to animals, with pets often spooked by the loud bangs come midnight.

One person, who shared a picture of them cuddled up with their four dogs, wrote on social media platform X: « I hope you all enjoy your s*** fireworks, and that it’s worth our dogs – and so many other pets and wild animals – distress. »

Animal charity Protect All Wildlife also called for the displays to come to an end, as they told people to avoid the shows « for the animals ».

And it’s not just animals that seem to suffer from the loud displays, with other charities calling for them to come to an end for veterans who suffer from PTSD.

Theresa Mitchell, head of Hidden Wounds, said: « Many veterans tell us that fireworks season can leave them feeling nervous and fearful, particularly as the season seems to grow in length. 

« Sudden, loud noises, unpredictable flashes of light and the smell of bonfires and fireworks can trigger anxiety. Some people may feel on edge and overwhelmed, others may be reminded of moments in combat and can be troubled by past traumatic events. Even for those who choose to avoid the discomfort and remain at home, feelings of isolation can also be an issue. »

According to the RSPCA, roughly 45 percent of dogs will show signs of fear at the sound of fireworks on events like Bonfire Night and New Year.

There are a number of methods pet owners can try if their dogs suffer during the displays, including putting on calming music, with radio stations like Classic FM often putting on an annual ‘Pet Classics’ show.

Others recommend putting on the TV to give the animals some background noise.

And it’s not just pets that are said to suffer, with farm animals – and in particular horses – being spooked by the noises which can result in them accidentally harming themselves in a bid to get away from the noise.

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