Common mistake is a ‘one-way ticket’ to an MOT failure in major warning 

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Common mistake is a ‘one-way ticket’ to an MOT failure in major warning 

Motorists may fail their MOT test for failing to notice a common mistake before driving into a garage this winter, according to cinch.

Drivers may feel their car is in tip-top condition but could be caught out if they do not check their number plate is clear and visible. 

It is against the law to travel on the roads without a clearly visible registration plate meaning this can also catch motorists out on a yearly test. 

It means failing to clean dirt, frost or ice off a number plate could be enough to see mechanics fail a vehicle in what could be a devastating blow to road users 

Failing a DVSA MOT test could be disastrous for families as owners will not be able to drive until it passes another exam. 

Statistics from the DVSA show « identification of a vehicle » was behind 0.66 percent of all defects between April and June 2023. It was also detected in 0.36 percent of all tests, making it more common than sat belt or speedometer issues.

Experts at Xcite Car Leasing warn that not cleaning a number plate can also lead to motorists being slapped with hefty financial penalties.

They commented: “It’s a well-known fact that leaving snow and ice on your windscreen or roof can result in a fine, but if you aren’t careful to also clear your registration plate, you could be facing up to £1,000 in fines. 

“A concealed registration plate, whether covered in snow or dirt and grit from the road, is considered obstructing the police as they use your registration plate to check if your car is properly taxed, insured, and has a valid MOT.”

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