‘I woke up from a kidney operation to find I’d lost my arms and legs’ | US | News

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‘I woke up from a kidney operation to find I’d lost my arms and legs’ | US | News

A woman woke up for a kidney operation to find she’d lost her arms and legs.

Lucinda Mullins, 41, went into hospital for kidney surgery but lost her arms and legs when doctors discovered the mother of two was suffering from sepsis.

Originally Ms Mullins went to Fort Logan Hospital before she was transferred to the University of Kentucky hospital in an ambulance.

Following the operation, she lost both of her legs and both of her arms below her elbows.

After the heartbreaking realisation that she had suffered a quadruple amputation, Ms Mullins’s sister Lucy Smith thanked her well-wishers on Facebook.

Ms Smith said: “We would like to thank everyone again for all of the support, love, prayers, cards, food and visits (her favourite).

“You guys are amazing. In the next few days, we will move to Cardinal Hill for a couple of weeks and then come back for hopefully her final surgery.

“Each day is a blessing from God and we will continue to praise him for the miracles he has performed.

“Today she got to leave the room and we ventured outside for some fresh crisp air. Keep praying and she’ll keep fighting until we are finally home.”

Speaking to LEX 18 before losing her arms, Ms Mullins said: “The doctor I used to work with, he kind of was like, ‘This is what they had to do to save your life. This is what’s happened.”

She added: “I just said these are the cards I’ve been dealt and these are the hands I’m going to play. I’m just so happy to be alive.

“I get to see my kids. I get to see my family. I get to have my time with my husband. Those are minor things at this point.”

Since her operation, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help support Ms Mullins and the rest of her family.

On the GoFundMe page, the caption reads: “Cindy and her family will have to make a few adjustments to their home to accommodate Cindy’s needs as well as her prosthetics and adaptive equipment.

“The costs of all of this can be overwhelming. We started this fundraiser because we want to support our hero Cindy, as well as her husband DJ who has been by her side every step of the way.

“Cindy and DJ have two young children who are missing their mum and dad terribly. Sometimes life is hard and there’s no way around it. Cindy and DJ’s world has come to a complete stop, but the world around them continues to move forward.

“Let’s help ease their burden while they heal and get back to their lives. We hope to be able to allow Cindy to focus on her recovery. Thank you for your support!”

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