Festive horror as woman crushed to death by five-tonne Christmas Tree | World | News

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Festive horror as woman crushed to death by five-tonne Christmas Tree | World | News

A woman has died after a Christmas tree in Belgium came crashing to the ground in high winds. The woman was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries but died after the tree fell at a Christmas market in the town of Oudenaarde at about 7pm local time on Thursday (December 21), Belgian media reports.

Town mayor, Marnic De Meulemeester, told VRT NWS three women were injured and one was resuscitated by paramedics.

The media outlet reported the mayor as saying the deceased woman had been taken to hospital in a life-threatening condition, but later died from her injuries. The two other victims escaped with minor injuries.

East Flanders public prosecutions office investigators are looking into the tragedy.

Mr De Meulemeester said the 20-meter-high tree was blown over in heavy wind, telling VRT: « The tree was sturdy, but unexpectedly heavy rain and a local gust of wind with force six occurred.

« As a result, the tree was blown over near a Christmas market where many people were present. »

Footage shared online shows the top of the brightly lit tree blown to and fro in the wind before it topples over and comes crashing to the ground in just a few seconds.

Eyewitness Frederik Bourgeois told VRT NWS members of the public called the authorities 10 minutes before the tree fell to tell them it was moving.

He added the tree then came down with three people seen lying under it. Mr Bourgeois said it took 20 people to lift the tree so those trapped underneath could be rescued.

Before news of the woman’s death was confirmed, the eyewitness told VRT NWS: « A third was rescued from under the tree by the emergency services. It didn’t look good, but I can’t say anything about their condition. I’m not a doctor. »

A second witness, who asked to remain anonymous, told the outlet the tree fell « in a split second ».

They added: « You cannot describe how quickly that happens. Everyone immediately took action. There was also a nurse here and that lady coordinated everything. »

The unnamed witness said lifting the 5,000kg tree was not easy, but once raised two of those trapped were able to escape while the emergency services were needed to free the third woman.

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