‘I took my £5million supercar collection to WeBuyAnyCar – their offer cost me thousands’

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‘I took my £5million supercar collection to WeBuyAnyCar – their offer cost me thousands’

A YouTuber has been left stunned after having six iconic cars valued around £5million priced up at . 

Mark McCann, a motoring YouTuber with a range of iconic sportscars, was left baffled as the popular retailer valued his iconic cars “miles under” the true price. 

In the clip, he compared valuations from specialist luxury car dealer Tom Hartley compared to the offer from WeBuyAnyCar sales teams. 

He quickly realised the scale of the problem with his overall valuations coming in around half a million pounds down.

He said: “WeBuyAnyCar is a business that enables you to sell your car quick. 

“You can go online, get a quote in 30 seconds, visit the branch and they will also buy your car today. Unfortunately, they are not known for giving the best prices, which we found out.”

First off was a 2015 Brabus GLA Coupe. The model was purchased for £120,000 with Tom Hartley claiming the model would be valued at £150,000.

However, WeBuyAnyCar only valued the model at £35,000, a staggering £115,000 lower.

His 2012 Mercedes C63 Black Series cost £91,000 to purchase. However, Tom Hartley specialists claimed the model could still sell “easily” for £140,000. 

WeBuyAnyCar disagreed with their system claiming the model was worth just £17,000.

A classic Ford Escort Cosworth was priced at £60,000 by experts while WeBuyAnyCar only offered £4,000.

Lamborghini Urus Performante purchased for £275,000, Mr Hartley claimed the car was “dead simple to value and dead simple to sell” with an estimated valuation of £330,000. 

But, WeBuyAnyCar said the model was worth just £242,000 with an almost £100,000 loss.

The Lamborghini Huracan STO was bought for £280,000 but Tom Hartley said the model would now be worth £315,000. WeBuyAnyCar gave a price of £197,000.

Meanwhile, his Lamborghini SVJ had a retail price of £400,000 with Mark having purchased the model for £379,000. 

Tom Hartley gave a valuation of £350,000 with WeBuyAnyCar going lower with the team offering just £280,910.

Overall, the six models were valued at £1,380,000 by Tom Hartley despite Mark claiming his collection was valued at around £5million.

However, the team fell into a small issue as they arrived for a group valuation at WeBuyAnyCar. 

He added: “We arrived at WeBuyAnyCar but there was a problem. Someone high up in the organisation had heard we had brought multiple supercars to the branch and instantly contacted the branch to tell us this.”

A worker speaking to the camera then explained: “He said his concern is if it sort of backfires.”

Mark stressed that WeBuyAnyCar had gotten “spooked” and had refused to get a valuation on all six cars. Instead, they decided to go incognito to six different branches to get different valuations at each. 

After visiting every centre, the business only offered £823,910, a staggering half a million down on Tom Hartley’s valuation.

Mark explained: “They literally will buy any car even if it’s tatty or even a scrap car. The concept can be brilliant but it just doesn’t seem ideal with rare supercars. 

“If you have a car which is an odd colour and is difficult to sell, WeBuyAnyCar don’t knock you down on that so the system can be fantastic if you’re a seller. But it just doesn’t get this specialist car thing.”

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