Nightmare for Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak as ‘Red Wall’ voters turning to Reform UK | UK | News

Nightmare for Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak as ‘Red Wall’ voters turning to Reform UK | UK | News

Many voters that backed Boris Johnson’s Conservatives in 2019 are going to back Reform UK at the next election instead of Labour, a new poll has suggested.

In what will make for grim reading for PM Rishi Sunak, only 55 per cent of those that voted blue last time around will do so when the country goes to the polls next year. Of the 45 per cent of voters the Tories will lose, 15 per cent will vote for Richard Tice’s insurgent party.

Reform, which was previously known as the Brexit Party, are to the right of the Government, notably on migration and on net zero. Despite having a 20-point lead over Rishi Sunak, Sir Keir Starmer’s party won’t claim as many Tory voters as Richard Tice.

However, the 13 percent of Conservative backers that the Labour is forecasted to secure will go a long way to putting the Leader of the Opposition in Downing Street, according to recent polls. Redfield and Wilton’s data also found that the Lib Dems would secure four per cent of the Government’s 2019 vote.

Reform UK are currently polling as the third largest party on ten points, according to BMG data. Richard Tice’s electoral strategy is ambitious; Reform are planning to stand a candidate in every constituency and warn the Tories must be « punished » at the ballot box.

Backing up the findings of the Redfield and Wilton polling, a separate survey by JL Partners on Monday found that 15 per cent of 2019 Tory supporters will switch to Reform.

In a clever play on the Government’s commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, Mr Tice’s party is pledging to reach net zero on immigration, meaning the number of arrivals to the UK cannot exceed the number that leaves.

Last month, Mr Tice claimed he had « numerous discussions » with Conservative MPs who are angry about the Government’s failure to stop the boats.

He told Laura Kuenssberg on the BBC: « I’m very happy to confirm that I’ve had numerous discussions with a number of Tory MPs, ministers, former ministers, who are absolutely furious with the complete betrayal of the Government’s promises, furious with the failure to stop the boats, furious with opening the borders to mass immigration. »

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