Astrology influencer on the star signs that will have the best love life in 2024

Astrology influencer on the star signs that will have the best love life in 2024

Having a following of more than one million people, influencer Amy Demure shared the cosmos prediction on a video that went live less than 24 hours ago.

Standing in a tight-fitting, blue bodycon dress, alongside the backdrop of a swanky apartment, astrologer Amy lip-syncs to Diana Ross, Upside Down.

The writing on the video read: « Signs having the best love life in 2024. »

The pops up Scorpio rising, Capricorn rising, Taurus Venus, Sagittarius rising, Aquarius rising and Gemini Venus.

But what does all this rising mean and Venus mean? And how do you know if it applies to you?

If you know the exact time you were born, then you’re in luck as a natal chart will tell you everything that you would want to know.

Experts at Co-Star Astrology explained: « The ‘rising sign’ is the zodiac sign that was on the eastern horizon when and where you were born.

« It’s called the rising sign because that zodiac constellation is rising, or ascending, into the sky over the eastern horizon. »

Certain astrologers believe that a person’s rising sign is how you present to the world.

You can calculate your rising sign on Cafe Astrology to find out if you’re set for a great love life in the New Year.

Astrologer Amy Demure also said everybody should « watch out » for the following star signs in the next two weeks:

  • Leo
  • Taurus
  • Scorpio
  • Aquarius.

Amy said: « They are going to be absolutely crushing it in life. If you try to battle them, you will not win.

« They are going to be on fire; they’re going to be succeeding in life; they’re going to have determination, motivation, and energy. »

Amy said this upsurge of energy is « going to propel them towards the life they want ».

She warned the other zodiac signs: « You are no match against a fixed sign placement in a fight, in the workplace, whatever the case may be. »

The four fixed placements – Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius – have the universe working in their favour for the next fortnight.

Amy said: « They’re undefeatable right now. »

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