The best time to buy a real Christmas tree for this winter – and how to look after it

The best time to buy a real Christmas tree for this winter – and how to look after it

To ensure your Christmas tree survives and thrives during the festivities, including Christmas Day and Boxing Day, you need to know when to start your search.

If you buy too early, you’re at risk of a sad and bare-looking tree even before the presents have been unwrapped.

Should you attempt to buy one too late, there might not be much choice left of which tree you get.

The team at Christmas Tree World revealed the best date to buy your real tree.

« As real Christmas trees have an average life span of four to five weeks in the home, putting a real Christmas tree up on December 3 means it will see you through the whole festive month and into January, » they told Country Living.

However, if you decide to buy your tree on December 1, you will be in good company.

« Many households like to set up their tree and other festive decorations on the first day of the month, » the experts shared.

How to look after a real Christmas tree

Forestry England highlighted the importance of buying a top-quality, fresh tree in the first place.

The key is to « check the needles are flexible and green » as tough needles that snap when bent won’t last for long.

Also beware of lots of falling needles, while a small amount of shedding is to be expected, if there is a lot of shedding with little movement, do not buy it.

Once you’ve bought a healthy tree, as soon as you get it home, you need to saw half an inch off the trunk.

Forestry England explained: « This will rid your tree of any hardened sap and make sure it can absorb lots of water to stay fresh and green throughout your festivities. »

Fret not if this sounds like too much hard work, as your Christmas tree seller should be able to do it for you before you leave the store.

Throughout the festive season, your tree needs to be well hydrated, so make sure you have a sturdy stand that is topped up with water at all times.

Real Christmas trees can drink up to three pints of water daily, so make sure you check its stand is topped up with water every day.

Also place your tree away from a radiator, if possible, as fluctuating temperatures can dry out the tree very quickly.

If you follow all these handy tips, you should have a beautiful Christmas tree still standing throughout all of December.

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