How To Look Like Megan Fox – Megan Fox: Achieve That Look, Vidéo

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How To Look Like Megan Fox – Megan Fox: Achieve That Look

How to look like Megan Fox?

Megan Fox is known around the world as a beautiful model and actress. But what is it about her that makes her stand out from the crowd? In this video, Dr. Peter Lee breaks down the unique and extraordinary features that make Megan Fox a stunning beauty.

Looking at Megan Fox, the first feature that you may notice is her dazzling eyes. There is actually some science behind why her eyes are so breathtaking. Megan’s eyes have ideal dimensions, both in their setting in her face and the ratio of their proportions. Her eyes have a large vertical aperture, which means that her eyes open wide when she’s looking straight ahead. But they are also well-shaped. Her lower eyelid goes straight across the bottom of her eye with a subtle slant upward at the end, giving her an exotic appearance.

Another feature that stands out is Megan’s cheekbones. Her face looks sculpted because she has pronounced cheekbones that are prominent both forward and laterally (to the side). This is coupled with a bit of hollowness in her Submalar region, below her cheekbones. The combination of these two features gives her midface a dramatic look.

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0:00 – How To Look Like Megan Fox
0:10 – Megan Fox’s Eyes
1:22 – Eye Brows
1:36 – Megan Fox’s Cheeks

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