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Easy Keyword Research for SEO | 5 Quick Ways in 2023

Are you new to keyword research? Do you want to know how to do easy keyword research? I’m going to show you 5 ways to easily conduct keyword research and best of all: 4 of the 5 methods I’m going to show you are absolutely free.

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0:00 – Introduction to Easy Keyword Research for SEO

Keyword research is the process of looking for a shortlist of phrases that people frequently type into a search engine like Google. Typically in content marketing, people recommend targeting longtail keywords, which are several words long, because they tend to be less competitive and therefore easier to rank for.

1:09 – Method 1: Google Autocomplete & People Also Ask

This is one of the oldest free keyword research methods available, but it still works today.

For example, we are doing some SEO work for a landscaping company. We decide we want to create a series of posts targeting longtail phrases around `gardening projects`.

– Go to Google and start with a phrase like `gardening projects`
– Simply add an asterisk in front of your phrase `gardening projects` and you’ll get so many other closely related keywords that could be good candidates.

The people also ask section is where you’ll find commonly asked questions related to the term you searched for, and typically within these you can find some other embedded longtails.

10:21 – Method 2: Soovle

If we want to take the idea of similar searches to a whole new level, we can use Soovle to search across the results of autocompletes for sites like Amazon, Answers, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo! This is a super speedy way to expand beyond just Google.

I really like using Soovle in combination with KeywordsEverywhere because KE allows you to pull all the volume for the different keywords on the same screen that you’re running it in.

11:59 – Method 3: LSIGraph

This method lets us search for our phrase for free, and get volumes and a competition consideration in one place. The downside is that we only get 3 searches a day before we have to upgrade.

13:55 – Method 4: Keyword Sheeter

Simply put your query in, watch it autocomplete and run your autocomplete through [searchvolume.io](http://searchvolume.io/) or a [linkgraph.io](http://linkgraph.io/)’s tool.

15:20 – Method 5: SEMRush + Keywords Everywhere

SEMRush is pricy, but it’s a comprehensive marketing tool that can be used for more than just keyword research. It’s $99/mo and they have a free trial.

Alternatively, with Keywords Everywhere, their $10 plan gives 100K credits. You can see how it pulls related keywords, volumes, and competition scores.

19:50 – Two Big Takeaways to Remember:
1. When it comes to keyword research, be thinking about how you can potentially craft as much of a punch as possible in one post — think about related keywords and how they connect to one another so you can make the most of your single post.
2. There are tons of free tools and data available for free. I’d recommend just using free tools when you’re getting started until you build your confidence in your abilities to identify decent longtails.

What search terms are you going to try to be ranking for for your site?

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