Chantal Biya Research Centre : Stakeholders adopt five-year plan

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The Chantal Biya International Research Centre (CIRCB) now  has a new developement plan that will foster the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The plan which spans from 2022-2026 was adopted on May 24 during the second Board of Directors meeting in Yaoundé , chaired by the the Board Chair of the Centre, Jean Stéphane BIATCHA.

Board Chair of the CIRCB, Jean Stéphane Biatcha

Adopting the new development was the lone issue in the agenda of the extraordinary Board of Directors meeting ; the second in 2022.

Five key areas

After running for 10 years, the stakeholders have adopted the  development plan the new vision of the structure. It covers five principal areas

-Research on prevention of HIV AIDS and efficient healthcare delivery for HIV patients

-Research on Health care to HIV patients

-Studies in impact of the Disease

-Research and further studies

-Institutional support

The Centre is financed by government subventions and financial aid from  donor associations. Stakeholders say the new development plan will  require a  new financial strategy . This is a major goal for the experts.


After executing the plan for theee years, stakeholders will carry out an evaluation in 2024, in order to make amends and ensure a successful completion of its implementation.

CIRCB has been actively reversing HIV/AIDS trends in the country since 2012 when the First Lady, Chantal Biya initated the creation of the centre.

This new development  plan will reinforce the center’s primary objective  of promoting Research and medical care for HIV victims.

Kathy Neba Sina

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