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this is a trick question the one chooses the wizard harry oh my goodness was that an acceptable answer how do you know all this yeah catch fantastic beasts the crimes of grindelwald in cinemas this november

if you guys could be any other character in the whole harry potter universe who would you like to be we’re going to do a whip around here so we’re going to start with you claudia hmm who must not be named

i don’t know anything about money she’s pretty oh um let me really give this some thought isn’t there a twig there is a little break there’s a little yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

it’s gotta be the wizard emoji i just want everybody to know that i was trying my best to concentrate but i was getting a back massage from well i’m just saying he’s making it difficult on me so hard doing so many mtv’s ravenclaw and gryffindor ravenclaw you can’t have two i have to really you can’t have two gryffindor gryffindor ravenclaw hufflepuffs hufflepuff yeah he wanted to be in gryffindor

damn it yeah darby the house oh it’s too soon

she would maybe be the dancing girl emoji i don’t know why but i feel like it feels right mine would be the speak no evil monkey oh i want to speak now even more that’s sweet i love you you know that i love you i’m rubbing your back over here you know give me a break okay it’s all good congratulations guys on the new film thank you for the awkward massage and uh annie look at me when i say this any time i believe you oh it’s got to be flat niffler bow chuckle yeah niffler yeah baby baby suckers for the baby nibbler

maybe like malfoy is senior so i can go around calling people filthy muggles i have a soft spot for pickett and i think it would be a good job too because you just kind of chill in somebody’s pocket you don’t have to learn anything


tina gets her groove back sad sad sad boy you make me feel sad make me feel so sad you make me feel so sad credence’s only friend that’s just one long hashtag i always liked i always like sirius black yeah but maybe that’s just because he’s gary oldman he’s the coolest

magical empath languages

older brother fights younger brother hashtag lucky muggle


come on someone’s gonna

um you stole my look again oh geez here we are will you back should we leave should we just like let you guys be alone no i need you here

god help me don’t go save me there is some light relief in this fella who’s back on startling jacob kowalski form me i had to take my shirt off and i was so sort of like self-conscious that i was doing the scene going i need to make this potion

and i think probably because i spent most of the scene going oh i’m gonna get my one i’m gonna get look at all the work i’ve done hogwarts in that way

how do they get brought back anyway so how do they do

clearly claudia gets between them i was going to say metaphors galore every time young young very um

which makes it a little better yeah

delicious i’m just trying to get away from my phone not get closer to it you know so i just yeah i think it would cuts in next month lmg love this avocado toast so that’s

because you have to deal with kind of like


oh my gosh i can’t believe i said that cherry on brown yeah


this is a very emotional moment

you want to give it a try

holy wait padding

reasons um they shot him so many times all of them shot him so many times oh yeah oh yeah oh don’t even start newton and i will protect you yeah great literally 15 seconds before they shot me so many times yeah thanks a lot don’t even give me that yeah don’t even give me that and i will protect you

i’ve heard you’re something of an expert on the wizarding world so i’ve got a series of questions to see how much you know about once do you think you’re up to the test let’s find out how does a wizard choose their one oh you’re

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