Parliament: Youth Employment Discussed Again

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Issa Tchiroma Bakary has called on members of parliament to increase efforts in promoting vocational and technical training in Cameroon.

The minister of Employment and Vocational Training was speaking at the second Entrepreneurship Forum at the National Assembly themed “The impact of major structuring projects on territorialized entrepreneurship and decent employment: Case of the Nachtigal Dam,” where he insisted that investment in human capital is the first degree to building the economy.

He called out Cameroonians who still think of technical training as education for the less intelligent in society and general education for the bright.

Issa Tchiroma reiterated that emergence can be reached only through technical education. He sighted some great economies who have built their country on the backbone of technical education.

The Natchigal Dam and Youth Employment

The Natchigal Hydro Power project is one of Cameroon’s structural projects which aims at driving the country to emergence throughout its economic prowess.

The deputy Director General of the Natchigal Dam project says more than 3000 local jobs have been created between 2019 and 2022 from the ongoing works.

Pierre Edimo was speaking at the 2nd edition of the Forum on Entrepreneurship this April 5 at the National Assembly.

Joseph Tsana Enama, Livelihood restoration and Territorial Development Manager of the Natchigal Dam project said Cameroonians stand to benefit wholesomely from the fall outs of the works.

Paul Tasong, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development
Paul Tasong, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development

A point which Paul Tasong, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development agreed on.

He highlighted the assets and the role of the project in promoting development to members of parliament and other young people.

The minister delegate said achieving the Natchigal project needed the mobilisation of important technical, material, financial and Human Resources which goes a long way to provide employment and benefits to the local population.

“Once the dam is filled up, an ecosystem of business can be set up around it. Small scale fishing and modern aquaculture, adequate market gardening and sand extraction will continue to be an activity,” Paul Tasong elaborated.

He added that boats and fishing nets will contribute to bringing up businesses around the dam as well, all of these to the benefit of the local people.

Concerning the employment percentage in Cameroon, Paul Tasong, said the unemployment rate in Cameroon as at 2021 stands at 63% as against 79% in 2014.

Cameroon is 13% away shy from its 2030 objective of bringing unemployment to under 50%.

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