Euvichol vaccine be administered in three affected regions

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A vaccination campaign against cholera begins in Cameroon from April 8-12, 2022. A total of 842,100 doses of the vaccine will be administered to 842,086 persons in the three most affected regions; South, Littoral and South West regions.

Cameroon’s Public Health Minister, Dr. Manouda Malachie launched the first phase of the campaign this April 7 in Yaoundé.

Public Health Minister launched the first phase of the campaign against cholera on April 7 in Yaoundé 

Figures from the Public Health Ministry show that, 4627 cases have been reported since the epidemic was first reported. As of April
5, 2022, 226 new cases and 2 deaths have been recorded in the Littoral and South West Regions.

The vaccine which will be administered to persons aged one and above to strengthen individual and collective protection from cholera.

Euvichol will be administered in 11 health districts the three most affected regions ;
South : Kribi
Littoral : South West regions
Deido, Melon, Bonassama, Nylon, Boko, Bangué, New Bell,
South West : Buea, Limbe and Tiko.

Health workers plan to educate 100% of the target population in these health districts and vaccinate at least 95% of them during that vaccination campaign .

Inhabitants of these health districts will also be educated on how to uphold hygiene and sanitary measures to prevent catching the disease.

Special measures have been taken to vaccinate people in markets, churches, and other public places. This particularly involves  special groups of people especially  the Muslims who are fasting and refugees.

Euvichol : The vaccine to stop infections

Euvichol is the cholera vaccine that will stop infections in the three affected regions and beyond. Oral doses will be administered in these regions, free of charge.

Euvichol is a bivalent oral vaccine prepared from closely related serogroups O1 and O139. The vaccine works by introducing a small amount of choker bacteria and non-toxic components of cholera toxin into the body.

Two doses of the vaccine will be administered 14 days apart to persons aged 1 and above, including pregnant women.

The vaccine has an unpleasant taste, which can be reduced by drinking lots of water. In case of vomiting, the same dose will be administered 10minutes later.

The vaccine is contraindicated for children below 1 year, persons with hypersensitivity to one of the components of the vaccine or persons who present with an allergic reaction after taking the dose. Health experts say the vaccination should be postponed in case of severe acute febrile illness.

Dr. Malachie Manaouda says the vaccine against cholera “does not make people fall sick or expose them to #COVID19. Euvichol is not an experimental vaccine. It is safe and effective”.

After the first dose, a booster dose  will be administered after two years. The campaign is  complementary to other cholera control measures.

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