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News making rounds indicate that singer and actor Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith has been involved in a car accident that left him dead. This is what happened and the accident news explained.

Internet is a vicious space, especially for celebrities. Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith has fallen prey to one such rumor on social media that claims he’s dead, but it isn’t true.

Several worried TikTok and Twitter users have taken to the platforms to check on the young star after baseless rumours on the internet claimed he passed away on the road following an accident. The rumors stem from a random TikTok that claimed out of nowhere that Jaden Smith had passed away.

Some people were led to believe that the Karate Kid star was involved in a car crash and many even started paying tributes to him.

Other TikTok users dug deep and quickly found out that it was yet another celebrity death hoax.

Jaden’s latest tweet amid rumors about his death left some fans more confused as they couldn’t figure out what it meant.

On February 24, 2022, he tweeted: “Invisible”.

Jaden did not provide any further explanation about his post, which got a few fans worried.

But, Jaden’s tweet is proof that he’s very much alive as opposed to what has been going around on TikTok over the last few hours.

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