Government assists bereaved families with FCFA 80,000,000

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A total of FCFA80,000,000 has been given out to victims of the Olembe Stadium stadium . The Governor of the Centre Region, Nasare Paul Bea handed a sum of FCFA 10,000,000 to the bereaved family this February 25.

He told the bereaved families that “the Head State was very touched by what happened on the 24th night, so he had to put himself in the shoes of those who lost their loved ones in that stampede. He is always close to his people. He listens and responds to them like he has just done in grande style ”.

Nasare Paul Bea, Governor of the Centre Region

The families of the 8 persons who lost their lives during the stampede assembled in the conference hall of the Governor’s Office this morning.

Families of persons who died in the Olembe stampede

President Paul Biya had ordered the disbursement of FCFA 84, 700,000 to be distributed to families of the victims who lost their lives and 47 injured.

After giving out the financial assistance, the Governor also handed letters of condolences from the state to bereaved families.

Although some of the victims have been laid to rest, family members said they were grateful for the government assistance which will ease financial burden of such unexpected incidents.

Ndongo Elomo Martin, representative of the bereaved families of the Olembe stampede said “The Head of State has once again shown generosity and his desire to always support his citizens in need”.

Hundreds of people had forced themselves into the 60,000 seater stadium to watch the Cameroon Vs Comoros semifinal match on January 24 . A stampede ensued, leaving 8 dead and 47 others injured.

Following the unfortunate incident, the President  of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) Patrice Motsepe, suspended use of the stadium .

Matches which had been scheduled to take place at the Olembe Stadium were moved to the Japoma and the Yaoundé Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium.

Persons who were injured during the stampede are expected at the Governor’s Office on Monday February 28, 2022 to receive government assistance.


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