Supreme Court: 2022 Judicial Year Solemnly Opens

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The 2022 Judicial Year in Cameroon has been solemnly opened after the closure of that of 2021.

The ritual that takes place annually was performed by the President of the Judicial Bench of the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Fonkwe Joseph Fongang sitting in for the Lord Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

The session of this Wednesday February 23, 2022 in Yaoundé was attended by the Prime Minister – Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute and other government officials.

In a presentation on the diminishing value of land certificates in Cameroon, Chief Justice Fonkwe Joseph Fongang outline and use and misuse of the land certificate.

He highlighted the need to revise the process of obtaining the documents which has become obsolete.

The General Persecutor of the Supreme Court, Luc Ndjodo for his part presented his submission that focused on the media and social networks in the face of the law.

He has outlined various excesses on social and traditional media as well as their consequences.

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