CRTV at the Heart of the Exhibition

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The Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV will be at the heart of the 2022 Promote Exhibition which will run from February 19 to 29 at the Yaoundé Conference Centre.

The CRTV stand is strategically positioned at the fair where all visitors can easily gain access to her exhibit.

CRTV at promote 2019
CRTV at promote 2019

What to expect of the CRTV at Promote 2022

The Cameroon Radio Television which is a broadcast network will be showing exactly what it does to its visitors at the promote grounds.

CRTV’s stand for a week will host the different arms of the state broadcaster, CRTV, CRTV News, CRTVWEB, the National Station, CRTV Marketing and Communication Agency and FM94.

Visitors will be thrilled by so many broadcast surprises as the CRTV relocates some of its flagship programmes to the exhibition ground.

As early as Friday 18 February, CRTV News will broadcast the 3pm and 5pm Bilingual Newscast from the promote ground.

Twilight which comes up at 6pm will also be produced and broadcast there.

Tam-Tam week-end broadcast on CRTV on Sunday 20 February 2022 will be produced from the Yaoundé conference Centre and will welcome guests at the fair.

The National Station will be very much present too at Promote 2022.

Major radio newscasts, 1:00pm, 3:00pm and the 5:00-6:00pm newscasts will be produced and broadcast live from the 2022 Promote site.

Visitors will get experience live how the radio and television newscasts are produced and broadcast both behind the scenes and on screen.

CRTVWeb will be at promote with two main objectives: recruit more subscribers to join the online community and also introduce and educate visitors on the social media platforms of the corporation.

CMCA will source for partners for the CRTV through out the one week of activities.


PROMOTE is a multisectoral exhibition organized in Cameroon, at the confluence of Central and West Africa, on a non-commercial basis and for the general interest of the economy by mandate of the highest Cameroonian authorities, by the International Foundation INTERPROGRESS.

PROMOTE brings together companies of all sizes, administrations, regulatory agencies, institutions and various organisations.

Every year, it welcomes more than 1000 exhibitors from 30 countries, in sectors such as: agriculture and agribusiness, energy, industry, construction, mining, infrastructure, ICT, health, banking and finance, insurance, tourism, crafts and communication.

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