16 health journalists receive end-of-course attestations

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Sixteen health journalists who attended a three-day workshop on #COVID19 reporting have received end-of-course attestations as the workshop ended this November 25.

The closing ceremony was presided over by the Director of the Advanced School of Mass Communication, Prof. Alice Nga Minkala, accompanied by her close collaborators .

She told the journalists to communicate professionally on the pandemic.

“ I hope you will be professional communicators of the pandemic when you leave here. You Journalists should be able to consume information and relay it with precision. Take time to verify information and also make sure you uphold the ethics and deontology of the profession”.

For three days, the health journalists who came from both public and private media outlets were drilled on how to report on #COVID19, from a scientific perspective. They went through 8 modules, six of which were tackled by Crtv’s Deputy Director General, Emmanuel Wongibe.

He expressed hope “that journalists will leave equipped and above all with an understanding of how science approaches issues. This background will enable them to be more accurate in their story telling, and open new frontiers in stories they cover than they have done before”.

The seventh and modules were handled by Dr. Mboa Thomas, Managing Director of “MBOALAB”.

*Eight Modules *

Modules 1 : The Basics of COVID-19
Module 2 : Factual vs False Scientific Information on COVID19
Module 3 : Challenging journalistic thinking and approaches
Module 4 : Fake information and disinformation in COVID19 reporting
Module 5 : COVID19, Beyond Science
Module 6: Telling the COVID19 Story
Module 7 : Digital Technology and Monitoring Information
Module 8 : Social networks and techniques of verifying fake news

“Nothing short of exceptional “

The journalists say the workshop was quite enriching, hence ended in a satisfactory note. Some of participants shared their reactions with Crtv Web.

“ These three days have been nothing short of exceptional. I take home the fact that #COVID19 is a medical situation, and medical solutions to take time. Today you might hear something else about the pandemic and scientists might discover another thing later . It might really contradict the first you heard about. But as journalists, we are the forefront of this fight against the pandemic, and if we do not believe that this pandemic is real and if we are not ready to take these vaccines, then how do we intend to convince people out there to do same ? We need to believe that this pandemic is real. That is when we will be able to pass the message to other people”.
Oni Ladonette O. STV Journalist

“ it’s been an awesome experience having to go back to class, especially with specificities in covering science-related subjects, like COVID19. I have learnt few words that relate with accurately reporting science issues, for instance the difference between aerosols and droplets. I have also learnt more about fact checking. I have learnt hugely. The contacts I have had from different media colleagues, will help me to broaden my scope in terms of writing, and collaborating for good results.

Rigobert Manigha, Crtv Journalist

The workshop was organized by the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization, (UNESCO) in collaboration with the Advanced School of Mass Communication, Yaoundé on the theme “fight against misinformation linked to COVID19”.

Kathy Neba Sina 

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